As seen below,  2 Rivers Industries, Inc. has received permission to provide training to our certified employees.   This will allow our employees to be productive in their home setting and will allow them to earn a training wage for work completed.   

2 Rivers Management is working to create a simplified system for training and record keeping that will allow for the proper and required documentation.    We know that this form of training is completely different than anything we have every experienced before.  I am sure there will be bumps along the way,   please feel free to contact the office if there are problems that are encountered.  We will work to resolve problems as soon as possible.    

To:            All Workshop Managers
From:       Dan Gier, Director, DESE Extended Employment Sheltered Workshops (EESW)
Date:        March 20, 2020
Subject:   EESW-Related Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information 

We continue to be in an evolving situation and appreciate the issues you are facing. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is keeping its lines of communication open and working to provide information and guidance to you as quickly as possible.

Ongoing Operation of an Extended Employment Sheltered Workshop

Location of Work and Training
Guidance was issued by the U.S. Department of Labor related to remote and off-site work in March. Extended Employment Workshops may perform this work under 14c. The employer must guarantee proper compensation for the work of the employee and assure no obstructions prevent the employee from achieving his or her maximum production level in the area of piece rates. Examples of obstruction would be the lack of parts; production aids that are present in the normal work place but not present in the off-site work location; and lack of any quality controls that would allow a deduction of compensation due to quality. 

DESE previously waived the “80-20” rule related to training. To provide further flexibility, training may now be conducted remotely or off-site using video, print or voice. DESE is expanding the training to include any OSHA–CDC trainings and soft skills related to work including hygiene and social distancing.

These two above adjustments have the effective date March 16 going forward under Governor Parson’s Executive Order Number 20-02.
Reporting Hours to DESE
It is key that you report and maintain auditable records of actual hours for working and training under the expanded definitions and dates of March 16.

The above guidance will remain in effect until the expiration or revocation of Executive Orders 20-02, 20-04 or further Executive Orders and/or from guidance issued by DESE. 

Thank you for your continued work to ensure the well-being of your employees. 


Employee Training