Our VISION is that disabled individuals will be empowered to work successfully in competitive employment within our community in a confident and secure manner.

The PURPOSE of 2 Rivers Industries, Inc. is to provide disabled individuals employment opportunities that will increase task development, self-esteem and soft-skills.

Our MISSION to continuously improve our organization by emphasizing the abilities of persons with disabilities through stable, meaningful and dignified employment opportunities, while providing training and supervision designed to increase skill levels and self-esteem for each employee.

Effective May 1, 2015 the Board of Directors and Nevels announced that the Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop, Inc. will be doing business as 2 Rivers Industries, Inc. 2 Rivers Industries, Inc. brings not only a new name to the organization, but a new image, new vision and new opportunities for area businesses, citizens and employees.

Nearly every workshop in Missouri provides services to area businesses as well as the community in which they reside. Previously, the Workshop's relationship with the local community was not as strong as it could have been. 2 Rivers Industries, Inc. has a vision for being better. 2 Rivers Industries, Inc. is a new beginning for the Workshop that brings opportunity to do things the right way and be a positive influence in the local community.

2 Rivers Industries' commitment to provide employment is constructed on developing strong relationships with the business community that are based on consistent dependable quality services and products. Services to area businesses include: packaging, mailing, assembly and similar productions related to fulfillment and delivery of their products.

For over 48 years the Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop, Inc. has operated in Hannibal, MO with the same mission and vision. In need of a change, a new Board of Directors was established and Melonie Nevels was hired as the new Executive Director in 2014. Over course of a year they have evaluated activities, fostered new relationships and assessed the needs of the Workshop. A plan of action was developed for continuous improvement and sustainability emphasizing the abilities of the unique workforce through stable, meaningful and dignified employment opportunities reflecting the dedication and commitment to quality work and services for industry and the community.