Hello Friends:

​Welcome to our FIRST ever web based training.   It's a new way for us to learn about safety and our job.    I am going to try to make this as fun as possible!!   Please remember that this is my first time I have every created anything like this, so please be patient with me.   

I am SO glad that you have decided to join me in this learning adventure. 

For you to qualify to be paid for training,  I need a few things.

#1  Please record your start and stop time for training. 

#2  You have to complete all of the instructions in each training section AND complete the quiz.  

#3  Please do not go over your weekly assigned training hours.  

#4  Submit your Daily Hours

Please let me know if you have any questions.  


4.  COVID-19 Safety

1.  Hand washing training:

Please watch BOTH videos and demonstrate the proper techniques to your staff and friends.  Don't forget to take the Quiz!

2.   Social Distancing - Please watch both videos and don't forget the quiz!

3. What is COVID-19